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Four point ball contact slewing rings are bearings capable of simultaneously enduring radial and axial forces along with the resulting moment. They are made of rolling elements installed between two races clamped to the support structure. The slewing rings are currently manufactured in three configurations:

External Gear
Internal Gear

Single Row & Multi Row designs are available from diameter of 200 mm to 1600 mm with various types and sizes of mounting holes.

Slewing Ring Lubrication & Maintenance: The slewing rings are provided with sufficient number of grease nipples for lubrication. While lubricating the slewing ring it should be ensured that the lubricant is applied uniformly to the inner race of the slewing ring. The most appropriate way is to apply the lubricant while the slewing ring rotates at a slow speed.

It is recommended that regular checks be carried out for the lubrication, the bolt tensioning & oil seals. The interval between inspections depends on the operating conditions. But nonetheless the slewing ring must be checked for bolt tensioning

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